About Me

Photography is capturing those special moments that create unforgettable memories! My goal when photographing you and your loved ones is to catch every tiny detail. The ones that often get overlooked in our busy rush of life. The images we create together will draw you back to the details of that day. To awaken in you the very emotion felt on that special occasion. This is the magic that photography captures…bringing us back to moments when time stands still.

My passion for photography begins with my love for people. I want to capture the story behind your event. The tenderness of your newborn child. Your tenacious toddler whose personality is captured in every shot. Accomplishments of your Senior in his/her final chapter of High School. Your love as afamily in a setting that is fun and representative of your everyday lives. These are the moments that write our stories. The visual images of life itself. Because really, what’s life all about? It’s our story, our journey, our lives…one photo at a time!